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Recent Alumni Letter


You might not remember me, but I used to be a student at Red Mountain Academy.  I’ve seen you once in Tempe at a 7-11 and you said you were doing comedy. I wanted to let your family know that I am very grateful for the help they gave me while a student there.

I lost contact with everyone from the academy, but most importantly I wanted to acknowledge what direction they tried to give my life. Had it not been for the time the academy took from my day, I might not be here writing this. I learned from Gary and Mickey things I did not quite understand then, that I now find myself teaching my children. I have worked hard for a good life and now have an opportunity to pass that on to my children. Please let them know that I have put serious thought into what years in my life made me the man I am now. Without a doubt, being around the strong men at the academy gave me the foundation to realize there are different views we choose to see the world by. Rather than view life as you would the evening news with heartache and disappointment, all while shaking your head, life can be viewed as the Saturday morning cartoons we remember with our eyes wide open, stuck in the zombie state of imagination.


 Jesus Castaneda

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