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About Us

Red Mountain Academy programs (Grades K-12) feature a variety of activities for inner city Phoenix youth.  These programs include:

  • Weekly class room monitoring sessions introduce the fundamental values of the academy. The expectations of classroom behavior are constantly adhered to and have made an impact on behavior in their standard classroom setting.
  • Frequent exposure to a multitude of activities and personalities that may not surface in their communities or school settings. The more these children are aware of the workings of the world as we know it, the greater the chance that they make goals/strides to get out there and see it for themselves. As a backdrop to these activities is the idea that there are many things to do in life, but to make sure that you have the opportunity, you need to treat each day, class, and job as though someone views it as the key to participating.
  • Accountability is reinforced with straight talk and candid dialogue to create “social capital”. From discussions clarifying current news reporting to the workings of local government and departments that they have encountered give the children a better understanding as to how they fit into the world around them. This, in turn, fosters a sense of belonging in their respective communities. The result of which, is better decision making and sense of purpose.
  • Light employment opportunities allowing the youth to learn the dynamics of holding a job, as well as earning income. A number of the older participants reach the "Captain" status where they take on the responsibility of a group of those younger. The Captain compensation allows for greater development and additional income. Surprisingly and wonderfully, the vast majority of the children choose to funnel their personally earned monies back into the family pool of resources. The amount may not be staggering, but the drive to help themselves by helping the whole is beautiful and an advanced awareness of their need to participate in the family.
  • Internship placement program allowing the next step for transitioning into the business world.  Building on the values, goals and experience that Red Mountain Academy has helped them develop, the children get to see that their hard work pays off in opportunity to earn "real " money and their family and community  will view them respect.
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